Winter Lush & Blush

Updated: Jan 26

Brighten your home during the cold and visually dull winter months--make or buy a vibrant terrarium! Use plants with subtle colors or go bold and beautiful with tropicals. The lush colors will liven up your home and your heart on a cold day. Terrariums can also be an inexpensive alternative to floral centerpieces at a wedding or special event, since flowers tend to be more expensive in the winter months.

Here's a quick how to if you choose to make your own terrarium!

1. Go shopping for your succulents and winter plants (ideally small ones)

2. Find a unique container--don't be afraid to choose something different than a typical glass vase or fish bowl

3. Place a layer or pebbles or gravel at the bottom, a thin layer of soil made for succulents (can be found where you buy your plants)

4. Add a layer of activated charcoal (it gets rid of the toxins in the soil)

5. Add more soil and start planting 6. Finish with stones, sand, moss or another fun topper

Tip: Don't over-water your terrarium. Once every week and half or so should do--when the soil is completely dry. Enjoy the flowers of your labor!

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